Recruting Human Resources: The Case of Nestlé Company Essay

Recruting Human Resources: The Case of Nestlé Company Essay

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Nestlé posts job offers to work in one of the departments of the company almost every day. Most of the jobs posted are to be taken in its headquarters in Switzerland. Offered, there is a wide range of positions a person can pick from. However, every contender getting a position in the firm must be qualified and meet certain requirements in order to through a selection procedure.
The company places the highest value on unique perspectives from the workers. The priority reached the best talents is created by gender mix. Opportunities provided are on the same level, are equal for both sexes. Employees are granted with health and wellness style, therefore safety holds a big part of its care for employees. (Your career at Nestlé, n.d., “Your work life” section, para 1-6)

Currently, many job positions offered by the company are concerning Nestlé’s coffee production and merchandises. One of the latest job offers posted, concerns work for the coffee brand Nespresso as Coffee Innovation Manager. The fulfillment of the job is to design and propose coffee innovation strategy for all Nespresso systems. A person will also be in charge of the major drivers of the sales and growth of Nespresso brand. The Nestlé Nespresso SA Company belongs to one of the fastest growing departments of Nestlé Company. Its business if focused on marketing and overall production of its premium coffee products.
The ability to create product in a strategic and creative way is one of the key requirements. Other responsibilities of an applicant for this job are generating new innovations, screening and assessing customers viability and feasibility. Finalizing proposals, putting them into winning concept is also a part of the work.
Experience plays a significant role...

... middle of paper ...

...cribed seems more appealing to me than requirements for being Regional Nutrition and External Affairs Manager.

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