Career as a Registered Nurse

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The one career that is passionate about helping people is a Registered Nurse. Nurses have a lot of task to attend to throughout the day, but they always make sure the patient is take care of. This would require a lot of time and effort. Some people might say that the money is worth it. There are many reasons a person would want to become a Registered Nurse, but they do not know how serious this particular job really is.

Nursing started with the publication on the book called The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit in 1844. This book alone caused attention to the nursing care in England. In those times nurses were uneducated and passed down new learning to new generations every year. At a bleak point in history nursing was passed on to Florence Nightingale to reform nursing. She was a well-known scientist, who added more knowledge of the scientific portion too nursing. Nightingale also helped nursing become a more organized by splitting them up into two separate groups, lower class and upper class, and they worked together. Registered Nursing became known in the U.S. in 1910 at the University of Columbia, where Mary Adelaine, Isabel Steoalet, and nursing professors at Columbia University, made efforts to take nursing into the college or university setting.

In the U.S. today you must obtain a nursing license. Registered Nurses must graduate from an approved nursing program and also complete and pass the National Council License Examination for Registered Nursing. To certify for this test you must attend at least a four year college and have or received a bachelor’s or associates degree. Some nurse can also become certified through a professional association in some areas. Normally some would obtain a certificate from a hos...

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...t and soul of any hospital, organization, facility, and schools. In any society to provide aid to any sick or injury personas.

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