Clorox Portfolio Analysis: Marketing Strategy

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Clorox Marketing Strategy
A marketing strategy is an objective driven long-term plan which aims at achieving specific marketing goals. Clorox strategic plan aims at growing its sales volume by 3 to 5 percent annually and this means that the marketing team needs to come up with ways through which the required sales volume will be achieved.
According to Benno Dorer, Clorox’s EVP and COO of Cleaning International & Corporate Strategy, the key marketing strategy is the “Always on Principle”, this principle is applied through the digital platform. This strategy works in such a way that a person searching for disinfecting wipes on receives a customized advert, this advert is informed by what the potential consumer is looking for. The company also ensures a great presence in Facebook so that products are introduced to millions of users who are then directed to say Amazon or other selling points (King, 2012). Clorox also carries out product marketing in mobile retailer applications such as Safeway. The company also tries to have representatives in stores who can deal on a one-on-one basis with the customers/consumers.
Another marketing strategy that Clorox is employing is consumer fragmentation. Through consumer fragmentation, the company is able to group its target consumers into groups that can be served with a particular advert or marketing approach. Clorox also intends to increase its brand investment behind superior products and more targeted 3D plans. The company appreciates the influence that media has on the purchasing decisions of consumers, it therefore wants to evolve its demand-creation model of 3Ds in the face of increased fragmentation of retailers and consumers. The three D’s of the model stand for desire, d...

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