Starbucks Quality Management Strategy

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By remaining true to core competency and a laser like focus effort towards quality; Starbucks has managed to analyze, adapt and create brand loyalty to their particular market and remained the top competitor throughout the coffee industry. Americans in general enjoy a good, hot cup of coffee to start their day. In any given business, seeing a torrid cup of coffee in a cup from Starbucks is not uncommon. Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee franchises in the world with locations in 62 countries. Starbucks has been around since the year 1971where they started off as a coffee bean roaster and retailer. This research paper will briefly explores, examine, and assess Starbucks quality marketing and management strategy. Additionally, this research…show more content…
Quality for the most part is often confused with routine processes and procedures of business operation. To the detriment of many companies, the workforce becomes content with what they perceive as excellence in business. Unremitting efforts and development to quality is paramount and is a significant attribute for success. The lifeblood of one particular company in which quality is based is Starbucks. Starbucks is the number one recognized coffee outlets throughout the world.
Through a series of quality control system and quality in customer service; Starbucks management proved that by committing to continuous improvement, they can remain successful even during unfavorable economic times. However, what exactly did Starbucks do to go from a small coffee bean roster company to the largest coffee-house company in the world with a market cap of 85 billion dollars.
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Quality initiative
According to the Seattle Business Wire (as sited in Starbucks Coffee Company, 2015), the president and CEO of Starbucks, revealed to shareholders a vision for transforming the operation of his company in 2008 which involve the customer experience and reaffirm the company’s growth potential. He revealed that a five initiative strategy that he is directing the company towards will bring the company to a new level of quality (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2015).
Schultz conveyed that by keeping to their core custom, improvement, and connection to customers, they will rekindle the loyalty and fidelity of customers to the franchise (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2015). Schultz take charge attitude and a series of actions to improve the standing of his company is itself a quality initiative that sets the precedent for his employees to take responsibility for quality in every detail of their job. The Schultz initiative plan included new brewing equipment, coffee blending, precision shots of espresso, rewards card, ethical practices, brew time, online community, and
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