Promotional Activities : Sales Promotion Essay

Promotional Activities : Sales Promotion Essay

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This week, we are focusing on one aspect of promotional activities which is sales promotion. There are different definition given to the term sales promotion by different authorities and authors, but I will be using Tanner & Raymond (2010) definition which is the activities that complement a company’s advertising, public relations and personal selling endeavours. Pg 243. For example, distributing product samples to customers, an exhibition of product in stores or trade fairs or shows and preparation of printed materials for salespeople to use or displayed at the point-of-sales. Sales promotion is aimed at final consumer and designed to motivate, persuade and remind consumers of the offering.
There are different sales promotion tools that are commonly used in Nigeria to target consumers, but I will only mention three as requested and they are contest, special sales and couponing which are for a short period of time.
Contest: This process is used by manufacturers to attract customers to their product by informing them to buy a number of products for a chance to win instant gift which could be redeemed from their redemption centres, retailers or open market. For example, Unilever Nigeria Plc has an ongoing promo titled “Lipton/Blue Band Sip & Spread Promo.” (Unilever, n.d.) They require their customers to purchase 2 packs of Lipton and one tub of Blue Band 450g/250g and then customers present the purchased product at their redemption centre to receive a scratch card which will give them a chance to win one of their fabulous gifts such as N5,000 cash cards, recharge cards, branded pen, et al.
Special sales: This tool is used by manufacturers to create an awareness about a competing offering or a new offering not necessary at a lower ...

... middle of paper ... margin. The most significant sales promotion tools have been mentioned above. It is, therefore, important that during the sales promotion activity, that management should strategically promote it in order to counter the doubt that might be in the customers mind by using reliable or credible approach.
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