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The aim of this department is to make sure that the business produces

goods that consumers would want to buy and sell.

Activities of marketing and sales department at Sainsbury's:

Market Research: this type of research is a research that Sainsbury's

would like to find if a product or a service is suitable for the

consumers. This is because they can find out what kind of products or

services the consumer's wants. Sainsbury's would also like to find out

about if the product exists, if so, how would they manage to improve


There are two types of research Sainsbury's could use 1) field

research and 2) desk research.

Promotion: this is to tell the customers that the products or services

that is available by advertising will encourage the customers to buy

the products or services by offering promotions.

Sales: this provides that the goods and services are suitable to

customers that they need or want. This area of department involves

making sales.

This function helps Sainsbury's to achieve the objectives. The way

they manage to do this is by increase their sales so that it increases

its market share or market segment. The market research is carried out

to identify the customer needs. Sainsbury's also would like to

increase their image name. This is because Sainsbury's would like to

provide the customers with good products so that they can fulfil the

customer needs and increase the sales within the promotion offers e.g.

get one and get the second one free. Promotion is an important

marketing function for Sainsbury's. This is because Sainsbury's would

like to increase the awareness, attract new customers, and increase

sales and profits. The marketing function for Sainsbury's takes into

account the four marketing mix e.g. product, price, place and


How the marketing department helps Sainsbury’s meet objectives.

Market research. When an organisation is in a market it is good that

your can look at other activity in the market. Sainsbury’s is in the

market of an oligopoly and few big firms run this kind of market. One

of the objectives of Sainsbury’s is to gain market share. Sainsbury’s

will be looking to beat competitors. To beat competitors Sainsbury’s

will need to research and see what business activity they do compare

to Sainsbury’s. If they research they can think of way to beat

competitors in the market.

Promotion. Promotion of products and Sainsburys plc is vital to them.

Sainsbury’s will want everyone to know who they are and what products

they sell. For Saisnbury’s to advertise products they do it through

the marketing department. The marketing department will be expected to

promote the products they sell to the correct audience.
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