The Problem Of Global Warming Essay

The Problem Of Global Warming Essay

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In recent years, the air pollution problems in China is becoming a frequent visitor of the trending topic list. Not only the air, the environment pollution is coming to hunt humans down in many different ways. It’s in the air, earth, water and even larger scale like the global warming. I know it is controversial regarding the global warming issue. Many big figure, Donald Trump for example, denies global warming as a problem we should pay attention to. However, I myself is a believer of such theory and I think we should act before it is too late. Regardless of global warming being real or not, it is better for us to act than doing nothing since the potential hazard could be catastrophic to the entire human race.
Before going further to talk about the relationship between economical development and pollution, we have to clear out these two concepts. What exactly is economical development and what is the environment that it is having impact on? Once again there are debates among scholars regard what economic development is. Among economists, many believe that it means a national economy have the ability to produce and support a five to seven percent annual growth of gross domestic product. Another way of measure is to use the gross national product which means it requires faster producing power growth than population growth. In general the gross national product per capital is rather useful to measure the well being of people in a particular economy. Some other scholar uses a differ measure. They believe that in developing countries like China, the ratio between agriculture, manufacture and service industry should be used as the indicator of economy development. The basic need for all human beings are generally the same regardless o...

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...ts way to create economical value already. The raise of environmental industry and the popularity of green products actually pushed most of the other industries to do something related to environmental protection to make themselves look good in a marketing stand point. Add globalization into the picture, the relationship between economic development and environment is becoming a hot topic on the international stage. Countries will influence each other on a international level and make the green movement even more popular.
In conclusion, with the development of the world economy, environmental problem already came to the center stage of the entire human race. We now all agree that the environment can be a very positive factor to the economy if we did the right things. However, the field of environment protection balance is worth our spend endless effort to research.

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