Green Buildings: Sustainable Growth And Environment And The Environment

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INTRODUCTION The present world with its sustainable resources, environment and way of life became developed. The population growth, consuming almost all the available resources, to meet people’s needs, should be a major concern. The consumption of material and energy around the world which is about to eliminate the available supply, has increased over the last two decades, especially in the built environment. In order to access other reserves of fuel, the more energy will be needed to use. “We are consuming the Earth’s natural resources beyond its sustainable capacity of renewal” said by Herman Daly, Beyond Growth, Boston 1996, 61[1] . The impact of the development on the environment and its resources should be understood in order to move forward towards a way to make the relationship between development, growth and the environment possible. From here the concept …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how el mandara eco-resort was completely renovated by a group of young people. local materials were used, such as mud bricks and palm fronds to provide appropriate shading.
  • Explains that green buildings are designed to protect the human health and decrease the negative impact on the environment.
  • Explains the financial benefits of 30% reduced consumption at an electricity price of $0.08/kwh, with a 20-year npv of over $5/ft2.
  • Explains that green building reduces costs and provides financial benefits that traditional building doesn't include in their methodology.
  • Explains that the financial benefits of green design are between $50 and $70 per square foot in a leed building.
  • Explains the impact of the development on the environment and its resources should be understood in order to move forward towards a way to make the relationship between development, growth and environment possible.
  • Explains that the history of green building dates back much further than the 1970's. with local materials and simple mechanical systems, these homes were able to protect the environment from all the negative effects.
  • Explains how the invention of air conditioning, reflective glass, and structural steel popularized the enclosed glass and steel buildings that glow all the cities of today.
  • Explains that president clinton announced his plans to initiate the greening of the white house to improve energy usage and environmental performance by reducing waste and increasing use of renewable resources.
  • Explains that roof, windows and walls of the white house were an option to increase the building’s efficiency by losing a massive amount of energy through them.
  • Explains the recycling program for aluminum, glass, paper, newsprint, furniture, batteries, fluorescent lamps, paint solvents, and laser printer cartridges. the white house is participating in a pilot program to test electric vehicles.
  • Explains that green building is a concept that depends on building an environment which has positive and negative effects on earth, as well as the people who live in buildings.
  • Explains that green buildings and conventional ones are not different in shape or color, they are simply different. green buildings are known to have a lot of saving cost, as mentioned in 'dumaine, b.

The Green Building is a way to increase the positive effects and fade the negative effects through the life cycle of the building. Green Building may be defined as the processes of planning, designing, constructing and operating a building, while taking into consideration: the quality of the indoor environment, selection of the materials used, the way of using energy and water and the effect of the building on the site. The perfect green building would protect the environment which surround the project site, and could be used as a building that is going to achieve a purpose. The construction and operation levels of the green building will help to have a healthy environment without disrupting the land, water, energy and resources used inside the building and around the building in the project site; this is the actual definition of the green building. Goals and benefits of the Green

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