Importance Of Environmental Management Essay

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The environment today is not in a good condition, Climate change is evident, and oceans are getting polluted. Rainforrest's are decreasing in size due to deforestation and illegal logging. Animals are getting extinct due to the destruction of their habitats. Natural resources are being consumed at very large amounts, and get wasted. There are different ways these problems can be addressed, one option is environmental management. Environmental management focuses on conservation of natural resources, protection of habitats, and impact of humans on the environment. Conservation of natural resources is the smart use of the world's resources by humans, through this waste production is limited, and there will be less garbage in the world. By conserving…show more content…
Environmental management is a process in which a certain company, individual, or partnership do to help protect the cleanliness of the environment. Basically it involves the management of the environment, but the deeper meaning is the step by step process that one does to impact the environment in a good way. It is also implementing behaviors that will benefit the environment. To be able to stop or at least decrease damages in the environment, Environmental management should be evident in the world. There are several different approaches to environmental management. For example, Eco profit. This approach focuses on protecting the environment through a systematic way, furthermore this approach is used all over the world and is one of the most basic approaches to environmental management. The next approach is human ecology approach. This type of approach studies the relationship of humans and nature. It tackles how humans can help the environment be better, by not harming nature. In most environmental management plans, it includes a certain model, called the Plan, Do, and Check. The first step is "Plan". In this step, companies
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