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Personal Statement : A Mission Statement Essay example

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Financial Analysis
A mission statement is a written statement that tells others what the company does. The mission statement in a very short form explains to readers how they operate in a general sense. Mission statements are not super specific or detailed just general. “A mission statement is a concise statement of a company 's reason for being, what it actually does, and for whom. It should contain what products and services the company produces for which target market, as well as how it considers itself different or unique. It should not contain statements of values, strategies, or objectives (although many companies make this error), but could contain the company 's customer value proposition. (Abraham, S. C., 2012, p. 2.1)
Both vision statements in mission statements are important to a company. Many people get confused between a mission statement and vision statement and use them interchangeable even though there are two separate and different statements. A vision statement talks about the future of a company about 5 to 10 years away. It talks about how the company will operate in the future using present tense. Companies—indeed any kind of organization—need mission and vision statements. Like many terms in the business lexicon, these too are misunderstood and often misused. . (Abraham, S. C., 2012, p. 2.1)
“Vision statement is a concise expression of where the organization would like to see itself in the next 5 or 10 years. What makes an effective vision statement rather than one that just sounds good? In order to know whether the vision has been achieved, it makes sense to use some quantitative measure in the statement. For example, it could include "become a billion-dollar company by 2017," or "be doing business in 25 c...

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...d I would say it 's moving it 's speaks to your spirit.
The vision statement developed by Home Depot and Nike are very different in their approach. Both statements are representative of the companies they were derived from. The vision statement in both situations give an answer to what each company does. The best time to craft a vision statement is during an annual strategic planning session.
A mission statement answers the questions, "What do you do?" and "What is your raison d 'être (reason for being)?" For many companies, the answer doesn 't change over many years, while for others in fast-moving industries when the strategies themselves are changing, it does. Periodically, therefore, a company needs to check that its mission statement is still valid. The ideal time to do this is at the end of the annual strategic-planning process. (Abraham, S. C., 2012, p. 2.1)

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