Strategic Management Reflection Paper

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What I benefit from this course strategy management class is knowing. The strategic management is consisting of the analysis, decisions, and actions an organization undertakes to create and sustain competitive advantages. strategic management analyses. concern with overall objectives, involves multiple stakeholders, incorporates short and long term perspectives, recognizes tradeoffs between effectiveness and efficiency. The strategic management analysis, formulation, and implementation the challenge managers face of both aligning resources to take advantage of existing product markets as well as proactively exploring new opportunities.
How operate governance essential to ensuring that the actions of a firm 's management are consistent with
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Measurable, specific, realistic, and timely. Strategic Objectives a set of organizational goals that are used to operationalize the mission statement and that is specific and cover a well-defined time frame. The Vision organizational goal that suggested powerful and compelling mental images. Mission statement a set of organizational goals that include both the purpose of the organization, its scope of operations, and the basis of…show more content…
That reminded me from the case study the director how to plays round of the company to succeed this Colombian Memorial Hospital. External control view of leadership, situations in which external forces where the leader has limited influence determine the organization 's success. Strategy, the ideas, decisions, and actions that enable a firm to succeed. competitive advantage firm 's resources and capabilities that enable it to overcome the competitive forces in its industries. Operational effectiveness, Performing similar activities better than rivals. Intend strategy, strategy in which organizational decisions are determined only by analysis. Realize strategy, strategy in which organizational decisions are determined by both analysis and unforeseen environmental developments, unanticipated resource limitations, and changes from managerial preferences. Strategy analysis studies of firms ' external and internal environments, and there with organizational vision and goals. Strategy formulation, decisions made by firms regarding investments, commitments, and other aspects of operations that create and sustain competitive advantage.
Additionally, understood the strategy implementation, actions made by firms that carry out the formulated strategy, including strategic controls, organizational design, and leadership. environmental
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