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Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a specific plan for your future in short-term of six months or twelve months. It is necessary that you have objectives set up for yourself, and plans and actions to be taken in order to achieve those objectives. Following PDP is a good way to improve yourself, and to acquire skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is advisable to continue doing PDP one after another. Also, PDP includes your CV, so you can update it with new experiences or skills acquired.
Where am I now?

My performance on the degree so far has been fairly ok, although I could have done better. Most of the time, I have achieved second lower or second upper grades. It has been due to the fact that the course’s structure has allowed me a lot of time to prepare and plan my work. So with a little bit of effort, given that I do not take school’s grades as the most important factor, I could do with at least a pass, or better. On the other hand, I have been developing on various skills throughout the course. Wider reading, presentation and group-work are often required in all my classes.

Although having given a lot of time to finish my work, I still do it at last minute. It has often resulted in very “so-so” quality of the work, which, in turn, constituted my average grades. It is a bad habit that I need to stop doing; otherwise I might find myself struggling or being told off frequently in the workplace.

Discussing with classmates and friends, in my opinion, is the good way to learn. Associating with other people would give you a psychological boost to think more and to generate more ideas. They would point out your mistakes and your idea’s limitation. That is what I will continue doing.

The thing I want t...

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...riends, who is currently working for Ernst &Young, to have the broad picture about finance and audit and to know which areas I should look at. This would be arranged once I arrived at home in December. I will also find some good books like Finance for Managers by Harvard Business School Press, guiding business manager how to increase their impact on financial planning.


Apparently, there are a lot of things that I can develop myself on. However, in the mean time, those are things that I planned for the coming graduation, which is the big turn in my life. In the workplace nowadays, constant learning and adapting is utmost important. Therefore, having a short-term specific plan for your career is a good way to push yourself up to scratch. And my plan here is obvious: doing good for my final project and preparing myself for the market next year.

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