Reflection On Personal Development

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3- Personal development.
Working on thesis was similar to managing a project in real life when it comes to strict deadlines, organizing, planning and scarcity of resources, scheduled meetings and so on. Thus the skills I developed within the process of completing my research are add-ons’ and can be used to successfully manage business projects within my career when I’m back to office.
In addition to that, my writing skills also been improved due to engaging in writing this thesis. Regardless the general opinion that with increasing importance of information technology, the process of writing letters and reports are being replaced by alternative means of business communications, the writing will always be an important and significant for business …show more content…

As an outcome of the thesis, my professional interest on the issue associated with the development of logistics sector has been enhanced. Furthermore, I am planning to keep an eye on the sector to enhance my knowledge which will benefit me and the organization I work for.
On a personal level, I benefited from conducting the Thesis in a number of ways. The research experience with different sources has increased the level of my motivation for studying, making bold plans for my future career and implements necessary measures and initiatives in order to accomplish these plans. It is important to mention my supervisor here particularly for all practical tips and encouragements that can be applied in various substitutional settings apart from academic life.
Because I completed the thesis, the level of my self-confidence has also been increased. Furthermore, having the opportunity to communicate with the managers of the newly established organization ASYAD increased the level of self-confidence dramatically, because I understood that if I could communicate the needs of my organization successfully, they will take it in consideration, and they will know that there was a person who called trying to engage both …show more content…

This fact can be highlighted as one of the essential gains on a personal level. And the reason for that is browsing related websites with no real benefit whatsoever prior to starting with my thesis. However, as soon as the priority was given to thesis, the bad habit of browsing with no sense was dealt with irreversibly and effectively.
3.3- Challenges to complete my research.
To recap, finalizing the thesis with Hanze University for applied science following my MIBM course has increased the level of my preparedness to go back to my office and successfully utilize my energy and knowledge. In my opinion, the biggest benefit I received from enrolling to this course of study is that the course of study, the thesis and doing the presentations in different classes have made me believe in my skills and capabilities and they have also awoken my desire to approach studying as a lifelong process.
Furthermore, I have acquired a set of personal and professional gains as a result of completing the thesis that includes the development of a critical mindset, improvement of my writing and time management skills and enhancement of the level of my

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