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Personal Improvement Plan

In many ways developing a personal improvement plan can help prevent complacency, generate personal growth, and build self-confidence. The basic premise is based on the determination of specific goals, and developing strategies to achieve them. As a forty-seven year old college student, I’ve had my share of implementing improvement plans. Some bore excellent results, while others produced stress and anxiety. Cultivating improvement requires an awareness of your particular strengths and weaknesses, also diligence to work on those areas. In the past, I had a tendency to become depressed, or discouraged when I failed to reach a goal. I am a thinker by nature and apt to experience analysis paralysis, a state in which I become so caught up in planning that I cannot take action. The areas I struggle with the most are, stress management, time management, and finding an optimal learning method in class. It is my plan to overcome these challenges and attain a more empowering perspective, refine my university experience, and ensure that I successfully integrate personal and academic development effectively, in a way most beneficial to my future.
Goal One: Stress Management
My primary goal to manage stress is to achieve balance. According to Deborah Davis Ph.D., author of The Adult Learner’s Companion (Davis, 2012,2007) , “Physical and emotional balance can be a key to reducing stress. When your body and mind are in sync and balanced, you feel and look better, you think clearer, and you are more productive”. She also states that “a balanced mind is focused, directed, organized, and calm”. I have gotten a lot better at finding balance, yet I still wrangle from time to time with feelings of anxiety, despa...

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...ain a university degree. Implementing a personal plan only enhances this chance and I fully intend to do my part. However, I would like to acknowledge an Authority over my life that supersedes any plans I might have, and that is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My first priority is to focus on and increase in my relationship with God. The bible says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps” (Proverbs 16:9, NIV). Presbyterian minister Eugene Petersen sums my feelings up most eloquently, “…so, my task is not relying so much on my will, or fixating on how I think things should be done “…but to become aware of what God is doing so that I can respond to it , and participate and take delight in it.” (Clapp, 1987) Earning my college degree would satisfy one step in my greater mission to fully realize my highest potential.
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