Personal Development Assignment

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My name is Adetoun Oyewole – I am currently studying HND Hospitality Management. The purpose of this assignment is to bring out my personal development skills; which will lead me to professional development. This assignment will also enable me to focus on my personal skills that will lead me to success.
I will review myself after each product and this will help to see what I have achieved and the methods I have used to do so. It will also allow me to work out what stage in my professional career I am at. In addition to this I will also assess my strength, ability, knowledge and behaviour. This is because all these factors alter my professional behaviour. Assessing myself personally will help me to guide my career improvement and effort. It will also show me where I need to change to rectify important weaknesses and improve my ability to undertake key roles in my job title. In this assignment I will also carry out an evaluation in which I critically analyse myself to suit my current and future career.

Management Skills Performance
These are the skills I already have such as: communication; personal skills; motivational; creative and time management skills. These I have previously acquired will help me to be successful in my career. To know how far on the scale of these specific skills I will have to do a self-assessment. A self-assessment is a very important tool used by managers in all industry. Sometimes you can’t possibly remember what you have done and how to improve yourself and by assessing my own skills this will allow me to remember all of my personal achievements and personal disappointments. This is a form of feedback which requires the assessor to be completely honest to themselves and in order f...

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...hat hopefully there would be a large amount of competitive jobs.
The personal plan has enabled me to track myself on my developmental changes that are important for my achievement of set goals. Planning has also allowed me to keep track of all the steps that I will need to acquire skills and knowledge. I have also been able to see that if I continue in my current method I will not achieve all of my goals and through techniques such as SWOT analysis I have identified these areas and begun to create methods to fix this problem. The basic purpose of this essay is to point out my personal and professional skill development because these two areas are interwoven.
In conclusion it is very important to develop all the weaknesses I have in my professional career. I must continue to plan and evolve to hopefully become successful in my future career whatever that may be.
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