Essay on Obesity And The United States Of America

Essay on Obesity And The United States Of America

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It is no surprise that obesity is on the rise in the United States of America. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), obesity rate have more than doubled since the 1970’s and that two-thirds of America’s inhabitants are now either overweight or obese. Another thing that might not be a surprise is that poverty is also on the rise in the United States of America. The census in 2010 showed that forty-six million people in the United States are living in poverty. That is the greatest amount of people living in poverty in more than fifty years. The thing that might be a surprise though is that there is a link between obesity and poverty. A study between poverty rates and obesity was done in more than three thousand counties in the United States. It was shown that counties that have a poverty rate of more than thirty-five percent have an obesity rate one-hundred and forty-five percent greater than the counties with less than thirty-five percent of its people in poverty. So how does that happen? Most people would think that a poverty-dense place would have people starving, but with fast-food restaurants overpowering grocery stores and limited resources for staying healthy and fit, there are actually many ways how a person who is considered living in poverty can become obese in the United States of America.
One way a person who is considered living in poverty can become obese is because of the grocery stores they have access to. When living in a low-income neighborhood, there is a high possibility that there wouldn’t be a fully-stocked grocery store where they can buy high-quality foods that will balance their diet. With that, the people in low-income neighborhoods would then shop at the local convenience store that would ...

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...nt of low-income people with an obesity-associated disease. It’s no big surprise that many low-income people don’t have basic health care and they aren’t insured. The lack of health care for low-income people is one of the reasons why many low-income people have high levels of stress and a poor mental health. Research also shows that stress and a poor mental health have a link to obesity.
With all the struggles of mental health, lack of physical exercise, and limited availability of healthy foods for people who are considered living in poverty in the United States, there is a link between poverty and obesity. Hopefully people someday will begin to realize that someone who is considered living in poverty isn’t usually a person starving, but probably a person suffering from obesity. With that, awareness for people living in poverty and people with obesity will arise.

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