Childhood Obesity In The United States

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Childhood obesity has gone from 1 in 20 to 1 in 5. Childhood obesity has more than doubled due to false advertisement in children’s television. The exposure our children received in America with junk food advertisement’s on television and online increased by 60 percent from 2008 to 2010. For children between the ages of 8 to 12; meaning 21 food advertisements a day. The food and advertising companies profit off selling foods and drinks that are labeled “diet” when in reality they contain twice the amount of sugar as before.
In 1977, the McGovern report warned that obesity would be the number one form of malnutrition in the United States. Americans were encouraged to buy leaner products and buy more food with less fat. Subsequently the 1980’s was the beginning of a brand-new market. The food industry reengineered their products. They reduced fat in foods, which in turn they knew it would make the foods and drinks taste lousy. Their solution? Add more sugar! …show more content…

As a precaution, the World Health Organization wanted to restrict the intake of sugar by sending out a health report. The food and beverage manufacturers were bewildered and had Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson, put a stop the report. Thompson informed the World Health Organization that the manufacturers would withhold the $406 million they were going to contribute to the World Health Organization. As a result, sugar percentages have then been removed from nutrition labels. There was also an attempt to restrict the advertisements for sugar products on children’s television. Once again corporations banded together to fight against

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