Obesity in the United States

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Obesity in the United States is on the rise and there is no end in sight. Obesity is a health problem that does not discriminate, it effects all ages, genders, and races. There are many factors that can cause an individual to become obese. These factors can include calorie intake, amount of physical activity, genetics, and environment. The rise of obesity in the United States has posed health and financial problems for this country that need to be dealt with.

It is said that an obesity epidemic is sweeping the country and that the numbers are astronomical. Approximately 31% of all adults and 15% of children, ages 6-19 are obese. Obesity is also severe in a variety of ethnic groups. For example, 50% of non-Hispanic black women are obese. Many researchers believe that the trend in obesity as a lot to do with cultural, economic, and environmental factors. Simply stated I think it can be attributed to genetics, portion size as well as food available and cost, and laziness.

Obesity can run in your family. For instance, if one of your parents is obese you are three times more likely to become obese than if you had parents of a healthy weight. Also the way your body responds to food is genetically linked. Food intake and activity patterns reflect the influence of genetic factors. Genes can also influence how calories are used, how efficiently your body uses calories determines how much fat will be stored. However, genetics can only determine the tendency you have to be obese. Eating right and exercising regularly will be what actually determines if you are overweight or not.

Among all the factors that cause obesity, the calorie intake of many Americans could be the largest problem. In the last twenty years, food has been mad...

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...ts (super sized). Obese individuals can miss a lot of work and many do not work at all. Most of these individuals that cannot work are on disability. This means more money coming from taxpayers. There is too much of taxpayer's money going to obese individuals, and something needs to be done, soon.

Although the fight against obesity seems like a lost cause, things are being done. Government programs have been set up in school cafeterias, these programs promote healthy eating and start healthy eating habits. Parents need to cut time spent watching television greatly, and they need to encourage more physical activities. There are plenty of opportunities to stop the destructive behavior that causes obesity, and we all need to work together to get it done. In our home, schools, work place and communities, we all need to find a way to make this a healthy nation.
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