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Nutrition and Weight Control Status
Who has not heard of the freshman 15 or the freshman 10? This is in reference to the weight many college students gain their first year in college. This led my group to believe that many college students are not happy with their bodies. We believe that college student would either say that they are unhappy with their bodies or that they would change something about their diets to make them healthier. To see if our hypothesis was correct we decided to hand out 20 surveys to 10 boys and 10 girls. The surveys have 5 questions on them. These questions are:
• M/F?
• Age/ Year of Schooling?
• Are you happy with your body?
• Do you believe your diet is healthy?
• Would you be happier if you lost or gained weight?
The results were not completely surprising. Out of the 10 males, 2 were sophomores, 3 were freshman, and 5 were seniors. Out of the 10 females, 4 were sophomores, 3 were juniors, 2 were seniors and 1 was a freshman. The females answered pretty close to the same things. All in agreement that they were unhappy with their bodies. Although this was the case 6/10 said that they believed they had a healthy diet. The men on the other hand only had 3/10 saying that they eat a healthy diet. Those three also stated that they were happy with their bodies. The other 7 said that they were unhappy with their bodies because they would rather have more muscle or lose fat weight. The women stated that they would like to lose weight as well. One of the 10 women stated, “Although I am not particularly fond of my body, I have accepted my weight because I have not lost any weight but I have not gained any either.”
Along with this survey we also asked a specialist what her thought were on this topic. We asked spe...

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...tables is associated with modest weight loss” (2016). It is not anything major but as you age you become less active and so making sure you are putting in the right fuel can help keep your body in the shape in needs to be. Another reason for poor diets is “skipping meals” (Debate, Sargent, Topping 2001). Skipping meals can make your body react differently when is does get food. It may cause the body to store this food even though it does not need to. This causes weight gain.
There are many factors to think about whenever worrying about weight management or ones nutrition. Things that can help would be talking to a nutritionist or your doctor. Always making sure you go to check-ups can also help one to stay healthy. No one will judge you for wanting to better yourself. There are no limits to the information that can help you keep a healthy diet and a healthy weight.

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