The Pros And Cons Of The Paleo Diet

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In 2010 the center for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) calculated that as much as 34.9 % of adults in the United States are Obese (Obesity). At this rate it is estimated that at least 3/4 of adults in the United States will be obese or overweight by the year 2020(Obesity). The United States has made great efforts to reduce this percentage such as exercise programs and promoting healthy eating (Published). However, with 60% of our meals consisting of added sugar and processed and genetically modified food, it is quite hard to find the ideal diet in order to lose weight and be healthy (Trying). Many of these diets include Vegan diets, Vegetarian diets, low carb diets and the Atkins diet. However, these diets tend to be impractical and…show more content…
Thanks to many researchers, such as Loran Cordain, mankind has successfully developed the Paleo diet, a dietary plan modeled after the paleolithic age that consists of lean natural meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Unlike,the diets previously mentioned the Paleo diet has all the essential nutrients such as protein, Vitamin D and B-12, that make humans develop lean muscle, have more energy, lose weight, and be able to live a healthy lifestyle. For these reasons, the Paleo way should be the diet of choice in order to make America healthy again. Loren Cordein invented the Paleo diet for people to consume foods that they were designed to eat (Paleo). Eating Paleo allows humans to energize, get stronger and lose weight (Paleo). This diet is the most efficient solution to countering Obesity in the United States that is why people should know what it stands for. However, in order to understand the Paleo diet is important to recognize its history and the meaning behind it. The Paleo diet gets its name from the Paleolithic age or the age of…show more content…
The Paleo diet is in fact very different and far more superior due to its health benefits and costs. The Atkins diet is a meal plan strategically made to limit a humans carbohydrate intake (Paleo). This diet has been very famous in the last 4 decades and has produced great results in fighting obesity (Paleo). However the Atkins diet only focuses on your carb intake (Paleo). It gives people the option to eat highly processed foods just as long as they have a low carbohydrate content (Paleo). Refined sugar, salt, meals with added sugar and processed foods are not discarded in the Atkins diet (Paleo). The Atkins diet has also become a commercialized diet and has become highly expensive (Paleo). It targets people who have a decent amount of money. During the last decade many Atkins products have been realize to the public such as protein bars and drinks that are highly process and only focus on loosing weight and not on the person overall health (Paleo). Not all of their products are natural or even nutritious. Therefore, it does not do justice to millions of americans that are fighting obesity and trying to eat healthy. The Paleo diet on the other hand, discards all of these harmful preservatives and foods ( Paleo). It focuses on foods that energize your body, provides natural nutrients that are essential for humans, develop lean muscle and most importantly burns off
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