Essay On Bad Eating Habits

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Bad eating habits and education.
The Government, the media, newspapers and magazines play a very important role reporting how to prevent obesity and overweight. An Alarming increase of obesity in the population, and mostly in children under 5 years, from 1980 to date, is almost unbelievable, the obesity has doubled in the world. The sedentary lifestyle, poor feeding, the increase of the sugar in the diet in adults, but mainly in children and the lack of information about eating healthy and balanced are some of the causes that lead to obesity. Overweight and obesity are the result of a bad food education.
A good education and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent obesity from an early age. Both home and school must teach children to consume
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It is good to consume vitamins that will help you to strengthen your organism and your immune system which is responsible for combating any disease or infection.
Some other major factors from the environment giving obesity as a result, are for example the lack of sidewalks in neighborhoods and safe recreation places. If there are parks, trails, sidewalks and cheap gyms, people will remain active. Sometimes doing
Working hours, many people complain of not having time to stay active because they have to work long hours and spend much time going between home and work. The lack of access to healthy foods because is too expensive. Some people don 't have supermarkets that sell healthy and fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables. The food industry, Americans are surrounded by ads from the food industry. Often the children are the target of ads that announce snacks with high content of calories and fat, and drinks full of sugar. These ads are intended to influence people to buy these calorie-filled foods, and often
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