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Previously to taking this class, I had never given much thought to my eating habits. I always thought of the way I chose to eat as one of those things I didn’t need to concern myself with too heavily now because I’m a young broke college student. The way I eat is pretty similar to the way most of my friends eat and when you live away from home, that seems like the norm for people in college. However, after applying what I’ve learned in this class to my life, I’ve realized that the dietary choices I make now affect not only my current health, but my future health as well. So overall, I would say that my eating habits are pretty bad, but I’m working on making them better.
My freshmen year when I lived in a dorm and all my food was prepared for me, I ate pretty well. I made sure to have a balanced diet and to eat a lot of nutritious foods as opposed to processed foods. However, now that I live in an apartment and am entirely in charge of cooking my own meals, my eating habits aren’t great. I tend to buy a lot of canned or microwavable meals that are quick, easy, and cheap to make. That is what stood out to me most on the days I recorded; how much I eat simply because it’s cheap and convenient. Although I have a lot of room
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When I was involved in sports I often ate very nutritious foods because I want to stay as physically fit as possible and eating right helped me do that. However, now that I don’t play sports and am a lot more concerned with school and work, making nutritious choices tends to fall to the back burner. Doing this assignment and taking this class in general have made me want to make more thought through decisions about what foods I chose to put into my body. I know eating a balanced diet makes people feel better mentally and physically, so it’s something I have been working on making a priority in my life once

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