Harmful Effects of the Atkins Diet

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Harmful Effects of the Atkins Diet

It is safe to say that the Atkins Diet is not as harmless as everyone would like to think. Originally, the disadvantages were not taken into account because desperate dieters were interested in partaking in a seemingly easy way to lose weight. However, plenty of negative side effects have been shown to support the fact that the Atkins plan is more harmful than people realized. These negative side effects range from headaches and dizziness, to the more severe reactions consisting of kidney and heart problems. These negative effects are caused primarily by a lack of carbohydrates in the body, which results in an increase of ketones, or poisonous chemicals. And, as it turns out, many organizations including The American Heart Association, support the fact that these effects do occur after following the Atkins dieting plan. The American Heart Association, specifically, has said that the decreased intake of carbohydrates and an increased ingestion of proteins and fatty foods does not conform to their dietary guidelines and can lead to seriously negative results and health risks.

The less severe disadvantages surrounding the diet consist of physical weakness, low energy level, slower reaction times, headaches, and dehydration. These less dangerous, yet clearly relevant reactions are due to the elimination of carbohydrates from the diet. Blood sugar levels become very low when carbohydrates are not ingested, causing physical pain and weakness as well as a slower reaction time. Headaches also occur as a natural response mechanism that act as signals for the body that carbohydrates are needed in order to prevent further problems. Moreover, when the body breaks down stored fats t...

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...eats and creams sounds, it undoubtedly raises health risks involving the heart.

Without a doubt, the Atkins diet causes health problems. Be it mild or severe effects, the problems and risks are there. It is difficult to believe that a diet where cream, butter, mayonnaise red meats, and numerous other fatty foods are unlimited could actually be healthy and result in positive weight loss. Ridding the body of obviously healthy foods such as complex carbohydrates can only lead to negative side effects for the dieter. While dieters have the advantage of choosing a plan that is best for them, these serious health risks are something that should be taken into account. In the end, it is a healthy, well balanced diet, consisting of a good amount of exercise that is the key to a healthy lifestyle no matter which way you slice it.
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