Essay on The Nurse Manager Skills Inventory

Essay on The Nurse Manager Skills Inventory

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“The nurse manager skills inventory is a tool that is used by nurse managers and their supervisors in capturing the skills as well as behaviors of the nurse manager as per the requirements of a successful nurse manager” (American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2006). This paper will be a reflection of what I evaluated myself with the use of the nurse manager skills inventory.
Personal and Professional Accountability
What nurses do is care for patients, and in order for nurses to improve patient outcomes, quality, safety and the delivery of cost effective care, data driven research is necessary and since this changes with time, continuing education becomes necessary for nurses to maintain competencies. “Research shows certain kinds of information technology can limit errors as well as improve care and efficiency” AONE Resource. (2016). I am competent with Personal growth and development, as seen in pursuing my BSN. Ethical behavior and practice, I took up nursing not because of making money but because I hold nursing ethics and etiquette in high esteem. I belong to only one association (National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America). My plan is to join 2 or more professional associations after my graduation, which is next month by God’s grace, since time is not in my favor right now.
Ethical behavior and practice is my strength while, Certification is my greatest weakness, and I really have to improve on it now that I have started on education.
Career Planning
I am pretty much knowledgeable of my job description and all that is expected of me. About w...

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...the company. What I am trying to do is to make them feel belonging, and wanted, that way they can take ownership and be able to make their own decisions. When I have successfully accomplished this goal, then I can expand my influence and take on new responsibilities or problem.
To effectively combine nurse leader with advocacy, high level of clinical competence and knowledge is required and since during nursing school, students are often more concerned with developing clinical knowledge and skills and are less concerned with management and leadership skills, however, immediately after graduation the new nurse is placed in many situations that require leadership and management skills. This is why continuing nursing education is very important to provide more understanding and clarifications.

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