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Annotated Bibliography - Nursing Leadership Priority - Mobility

Lorber, M., Treven, S., & Mumel, D. (2016). The Examination of Factors Relating to the Leadership Style of Nursing Leaders in Hospitals. Our Economy (Nase Gospodarstvo), 62(1), 27-36. doi:10.1515/ngoe-2016-0003

Theories are used to explain leadership under various classifications, which are derived from behavior and personality and are used to establish behaviors for determining the style of effective leadership. In this study, a quantitative methodology was used in the investigation of determinants of leadership styles among the leaders at Slovene hospitals focusing on importance of mobility in nursing leadership.
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Nursing leaders ' responsibility extends to become a voice for the nurses and for offering quality in patient care, not just at their organizations but spanning the whole communities, interacting with law makers in revising regulations and laws, with researchers and educators. Nurse leaders, in particular those at manager and supervisory levels are spread sparsely. They are involved in business planning, human resources, information management and writing reports. It is advisable for them to refocus the leadership on care which matters to patients which is the essence of…show more content…
But, the terms, nursing leadership and nursing management are many times confusing. This article deals with the difficulties encountered in defining clinical leadership and summarizes its development in Republic of Ireland and points at the issues that need to be addressed to make nurse leaders effective. The continuously changing nature of healthcare environment requires midwives and nurses competent in management and leadership skills. Clinical leadership requires correct behavior and attitude and gaining new skills and knowledge, providing good patient care. They must also be able to design the method in which care should be delivered in order to achieve healthcare goals of health service providers and users of
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