Leadership and Nursing Management

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In today’s society, leadership is a common yet useful trait used in every aspect of life and how we use this trait depends on our role. What defines leadership is when someone has the capability to lead an organization or a group of people. There are many examples that display a great sense of leadership such being an educator in health, a parent to their child, or even a nurse. In the medical field, leadership is highly used among nurses, doctors, nurse managers, director of nursing, and even the vice president of patient care services. Among the many positions in the nursing field, one who is a nurse manager shows great leadership. The reason why nurse manager plays an important role in patient care is because it is known to be the most difficult position. As a nurse manager, one must deal with many patient care issues, relationships with medical staff, staff concerns, supplies, as well as maintaining work-life balance. Also, a nurse manager represents leadership by being accountable for the many responsibilities he or she holds. Furthermore, this position is a collaborative yet vital role because they provide the connection between nursing staff and higher level superiors, as well as giving direction and organization to accomplish tasks and goals. In addition, nurse managers provide nurse-patient ratios and the amount of workload nursing staff has. It is their responsibility to make sure that nursing staff is productive and well balanced between their work and personal lives.
These characteristics of a nurse manager show how their leadership plays a role in their position in the nursing field. Without this position in the nursing structure, it would be very difficult to produce positive results in providing optimal patient ca...

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...sponsibilities as a nurse manager clearly show she has a vision to reach her goals for herself as a manager as well as her colleagues and staff. She has clearly shown how her planning would effect in the production of her ward and her staff. Furthermore, her leadership as a nurse manager shows that she is well organized, determined and focused on the potential of maximizing patient care and their needs. Her management on how productive workload could be for her and her staff shows that she is capable of managing time, organization, and creating a stronger foundation to the nursing field. Overall, she clearly deserves to be awarded for her outstanding work, dedication, and contribution to her facility. She truly exemplifies how nurse managers should take charge, making sure that her collaboration among staff and colleagues would change for the better in patient care.
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