The New Age Of The Coming Decade Essay

The New Age Of The Coming Decade Essay

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The new age of the coming decade is becoming dominated by technology. People all around are connected to technology and the internet in some way or another. Computers are no longer restricted to our homes. With laptops that rival the hardware of desktop computers, technology is no longer restricted to our homes. With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, people are able to carry mini-computers in their pockets. Both tablets and smartphones have full, unrestricted access to the internet just like a laptop or a desktop. Technology is even integrated with the places we go. Banks, fast food restaurants, and even libraries and fully integrated with technology. This kind of advancement was complete science fiction a decade ago, and now, it’s a reality. The biggest giants of these industries right now are Microsoft and Apple. While they boast a range of similarities, and have a rivalry that harkens back to the likes of the Pepsi vs Coca-Cola debate, yet they are both crucial to today’s society.
The first obvious similarity between Microsoft and Apple is that they are both computer manufacturers. Microsoft’s products include recent iterations like the Microsoft Surface, while Apple has a new Macbook in development. But their technologies are not limited to standard computers. Both companies are well respected in the smartphone market. Apple’s iPhone 6 is the world’s best selling smartphone and Microsoft’s line of Window’s phones are struggling to keep the competition. There is also the wearable technology revolution that has just begun with Apple’s Apple Watch sparking popularity in the market. Last, but not least, there is a significant amount of popularity in both Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface which is essential and touchscre...

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... menus and clutter it takes to perform simple tasks are difficult. It takes much more effort to use a Windows computer than a Mac. Windows computers can be used by anyone, but are amazing for developers. Developers have unrestricted access to many parts of the operating system that just can 't be done with a Mac, or is a lot more difficult.
Microsoft and Apple dominate the technology markets of today, but they both do it together. Without Apple, the technological market would not be the giant it is today. The low barrier for entry allows all ages to enter the computer market without fear. The contrary is true as well, without Microsoft, Apple’s developers would have a difficult time getting into the meat of the hardware through all the computer’s security. Although it may seem that both companies are in competition, they work in tandem to create a unified community.

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