Compare And Contrast Essay On Apple Vs Android

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Apple vs Android
When searching for the latest device you have a choice between apple, and android. These two are similar but very different. Infact these both have two different operating systems. For instance Apple uses IOS 9, apple phones can use this software. On android the software 5.0 is used. All these phones run different programs, you need to make sure that is the right phone for you. There are many different features and styles of phones you can get. Also these all come at a price. This paper will talk about all these topics to make sure you have an idea on what device you would like to buy.
Apples latest software is simply amazing. IOS 9, make the interface of new technology easier and simpler to use. There software allows people …show more content…

Apple uses a app called the app store. This has thousands of apps that people can purchase. These are made and designed by people. The only thing with apple is that you can only purchase apps on the apps store. When people start talking about android there are many different phones and devices that a person can use. For instance someone can buy the galaxy s6. This phone runs on android 5.0! This is the latest software that has come out. Whenever you buy an android phone they use only android. These devices can run both systems. Android has there own app store that they use. Android is more complex. You can design android to the way you like it. People who want a device that you can customise use android. Android is more for the advanced phone geeks. Apple is more simpler for people to understand and use. The samsung galaxy s6 has a lot of cool features. There 's a camera With 5-megapixel front and 16-megapixel back cameras that can launch in just 0.7 seconds, capturing moments the moment they happen is as simple as point, click, snap. And thanks to an f1.9 aperture, even low light party shots will look as amazing as you remember(Galaxy S6). This phone is Protected by the very latest Gorilla

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