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  • Comparing Linux And Microsoft Windows And Windows Microsoft

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    As we all may know, Windows Microsoft has always been a commercial high-level sale in the retail industry and an in domain operating system used today. But there are more operating systems than just Windows Microsoft than the general population may assume. Linux is another well-known operating systems, which is free and open-source software. Linux is also used in companies we would have never thought of like Google, NASA, USPS, Amazon and many more companies. Linux and Microsoft operating systems have

  • Microsoft Windows

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    Microsoft has always sought to carve its own path, predicting a future where everyone will have access to the Internet and handheld devices and computers throughout the home. Their talent has been, and they hope will continue to be, to lead the way in developing innovative products that exceed customers' expectations. From the beginning, Microsoft has forged joint ventures with other companies also at the head of computer innovation. Microsoft's first joint venture was with Apple in 1982 to develop

  • Security Features Of Microsoft Windows And The Windows Operating System

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    Microsoft Windows is a graphical operating system that was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft has designed and developed a series of these operating systems since they opened shop. Since Microsoft began developing operating systems they have grown remarkably in terms of usability, graphical interface, speed, and most importantly security. In this paper we are going to take a closer look at the security features that are built in the latest windows operating system which is the Windows 8 operating

  • Linux Against Microsoft Window

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    Linux Against Microsoft Windows Linux is a free operating system that was developed on the internet.It was formed by Linus Torvalds first,then he put its source code to his web page.After that,the internet hackers and the programmers developed it.It is a Unix-like operating system because it is the main reason to develop the Linux.By the time,it becomes a big organization and now it is a powerful, advanced operating system.It has an important feature that is not available for other operating systems

  • Windows: Microsoft Windows, A Graphical Operating System

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    Microsoft Windows is a graphical operating system, produced by Microsoft Corporation. System began operating as a front graphical MS -DOS in 1985, in a move to respond to the growing interest in the graphical user interfaces. The Microsoft Windows dominates the PC market in the world where reach share of nearly 90 % of the market ahead of the Mac OS, which was released in 1984. In this essay I will took about windows 7, window8, and the difference between windows7 and windows 8. Windows 7 is a series

  • Microsoft Case Study: Windows Vista

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    Over six billion dollars spent producing one of the worlds’ largest technological projects in history; Windows Vista. In 2007, Microsoft finally launched their new operating system years behind their proposed schedule and billions over budget. This essay will cover aspects over Microsofts arrangements with the development and sale of Windows vista in a monopolist market and the effects it would have if it was in a competitive market, discuss why PC’s are in a more competitive market compared to operating

  • Microsoft Windows Case Study

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    Windows is very easy to use since it is user friendly and is helpful to people who do not use a computer much. On the other hand, some people may want more control over their system because they know what they are doing so this is a negative for them. The price of Microsoft Windows can be staggeringly high. It can be up to or over £100 for a licensed copy. Linux is completely free and open source so anyone can freely modify a program or file. Some companies allow you to pay for a more complex version

  • Defining Microsoft Windows Vista

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    Defining Microsoft Windows Vista The intent of this paper is to provide a background of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system development, including when it was developed, how the development process was management, what needs this specific operating systems was developed to respond to in the Information Technologies market. This paper will also analyze the correlation of Information Technologies and Microsoft's Windows Vista position. Background of Windows Vista Development Originally

  • Comparing Linux, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh Platforms

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    One of the important components of software engineering is the platforms. There are many various types of computing platforms. A few of these include AmigaOS, Linux, Windows, Solaris. These examples are just a few of many different computing platforms. The types of computing platforms can be differentiated into three different categories, which include operating-system examples, software frame work examples, and also hardware examples. Each of the different platforms has slightly different requirements

  • Comparison Of The Operating System Of Microsoft Windows, Apple Ios And Google Android?

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    system of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS, Apple iOS and Google Android, I first eliminate the Apple iOS and Google Android because for the usage for businesses and education, the suitable operating system should be the one that can be operating in desktops, tablets and laptops. After considering many factors, the Microsoft Window is my recommendation for the usage of personal, business and education. For personal usage, cost and the functionality are the priority, therefore Microsoft Window

  • Personal Computers are better than Macintosh Computers

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    The conflict between personal computers (PCs; developed by Microsoft) and Macintosh computers (Macs; developed by Apple) has occurred for many years. The two are constantly competing with each other to win over the computing market. Macintosh claims that their computers are more efficient when working with graphic design and media arts, while a PC is known for mathematical superiority and a stronger variety of hardware and software. Many myths about both systems have been spread amongst the consumer

  • Deploying an Operation System Within Your Organization

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    which is better suited for Windows or Linux. The major operating systems to choose from are Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS X and various distributions of Linux. For Linux, we will use RedHat/Fedora and Ubuntu as an example. Microsoft Windows Used in approximately 90 percent of computers worldwide, Microsoft Windows is indeed popular. It originated as a graphical environment built on top of Microsoft's Disk Operating System (DOS) in 1985, as Windows 1.0. Windows morphed in to many technologies

  • Windows versus Linux

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    Windows, and Linux are very different operating systems that are also very similar in multiple ways. Windows was first sold on November 20, 1985 under the name Windows 1.0. It was revolutionary for it's time. People had been used to using command line interface to type out there commands. Windows 1.0 allowed for them to just point and click on what they wanted. Then, along came Linux a few years later. Linux was revolutionary because it was Unix-like and it was open source. Open source meant that

  • Windows Xp Architecture Vs. Mac Os X Architecture

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    Windows XP vs. Mac OS X Architecture When looking at the interface of the Mac OS X Operating System and the Microsoft Windows XP operating system many similarities can be seen. The most obvious is the use of blue in the interface. In the core of the systems they both have a micro kernel which addresses thread management, space management and other communications at the system level and is more resistant to attacks from a virus. Mac OS X is a powerful development platform; it supports multiple

  • Alternatives of Network File System

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    Titles : CIFS An internet File System Protocol ,Microsoft is making sure that CIFS tech is open ,published, and widely available for all computer users Reference No : 11 Website Address : html Titles : NFS overview ,AIX supports the latest NFS protocol update . Reference No : 12 Website Address : HOWTO.html Titles : The SMP protocol is used by Microsoft , What is the SAMA?. there are four basic things

  • Why Do People Use Apple Computers?

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    Many people prefer Microsoft over Apple when it comes down to the price but others prefer apple for business because of its connectivity, approachability, smart looks and quality but it's costly price prevents people from buying it. Apple laptops are great when it comes to the hardware and Windows for the OS. Gaming has long been the province of PCs and with the arrival of Windows 10 the platform has only strengthened its dominance but when it comes down to price, security and performance who would

  • win

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    In this assignment we as class were asked to look into the early windows with a focus starting with version 3.1 and workgroup for windows (WfW). I would like to start from the version 1.0 though I agree that in today’s terms version 1.0 would be considered an alpha release and 2.0 would be the beta though according to “Microsoft Windows History”, (2014) both were sold initially to the retail market at the price of $100 (the equivalent to $221.32, in value today) both versions introduced several

  • Linux And Its Impact On The Server Industry

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    LINUX One of the up and coming server operating systems is Linux. In an article from CNET News on July 24, 2000, a new study has identified Linux as being a significant threat to Microsoft in the server market over the next few years. What is Linux and how is it making its impact on the server industry? This paper will answer these questions. Linux – What is it? Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds along with other developers in the industry. Linux is an

  • Apple and Microsoft

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    years, two companies have ruled the personal computer world. Their feud has been a primary focus for supporters of both companies, despite the many issues that have been going on throughout America since 1975. These companies are Apple Inc. and Microsoft. Both are prosperous, well-known companies, who have dramatically changed the computer industry, and arguably, formed the industry in the first place. Both companies have a vivid history of success and prosperity, and both have made groundbreaking

  • File Processing In Windows / Linux

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    Windows XP File Processing Within Windows there are two methods that a user or administrator can obtain access to files stored on the hard drive or media source. In the Windows operating system, files that are operating system specific (files needed in order for the operating system to work) are normally on the primary drive which is usually the C: drive. On a Windows based PC during the setup process, a user has the choice of where the operating system files are stored and what file system Windows