Advances in Wireless Technology

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The world has gone through a lot of changed as time passes by. With advancements in the technological field people are can communicate with ones from around the world without having to even lift a finger. To make things more efficient and more cost saving industries have made technology wireless. Wireless technology gives people the chance to get up from their stationary computer, or cord phone and able to freely move without restrictions. The IT, or Information Technology has become a standard and very critical part of today’s society. Wireless technology came from the basic just cellular usage to sensors in the medical field. Wires are now a thing of the past in today’s world with forever revitalizing technology.
Wi-Fi (Wireless Network) or 802.11 networking is a phenomenal way of providing Internet wirelessly at a low cost. Using radio waves, a wireless network connects a PC, mobile phone or just about anything that connects to the internet wirelessly by a router. By transmitting signals at 2.4 or 5 GHz it allows the waves to transmit more data at a faster rate. Typical Wi-Fi standards are 802.11a, b, g, n, or ac and they can switch up the frequency depending on the model (Brain). Families can create their own wireless network that can be shared between family members without the use of hooking all their devices up to the modem and can also protect their home network from potential hackers with the use of a TKIP or AES encryption. Businesses can also create a “hotspot” which is an area that has wireless networks for free or at a set fee. This is extremely convenient for commuters that need internet access while they are at work, waiting on a plane, or just sitting at a coffee spot without the need for wires(Cox).
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... software in terms of the device contains the small computer chip with the Bluetooth on it but it needs software to connect to via Bluetooth. All types of technology ranging from medical and health devices like sensors to smartphones, PCs and tablets use Bluetooth technology which makes lives easier and efficient.
Without wireless technology people would be tied to one location where they can access internet. People all over the world prefer wireless technology because it is easy, hassle free, and provides more mobility. Such things like wireless power transfer and wirelessly streaming video is something you would see in an 70’s comic book is now becoming prevalent in today’s world. Advances in wireless technology is only just becoming and soon cables will be a thing of the past and a new dawn approach us with faster wireless capabilities than that of fiber optics.
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