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Industry Analysis
The industry code for Apple Inc is 423690. This code includes Telephone equipment merchant wholesalers which would include Apple 's iPhones. This code also includes communications equipment merchant wholesalers. This part would be more of Apple 's headphones, iPhones, iPads and several other of its products. Other areas of this industry include Blank audio or video tape Merchant wholesalers, Blank compact disc merchant wholesalers, Radar equipment merchant wholesalers, Telegraph equipment merchant wholesalers and Broadcasting equipment merchant wholesalers (NAICS).
Apple has many major competitors in its many fields. When it comes to personal computers the majority favorite isn 't Apple but is HP. With this in mind Apple
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On a year to year basis the industry has grown 72.95 percent and on an quarter to quarter has grown 26.94 percent. This growth allows Apple to innovate and continue to lead the way in the industry (Total markets). As the industry grows Apple Inc grows with it as well. In 2014 Apple announced some very disappointing figures for its iPhone sales that had everyone thinking that it 's glory days when Steve Jobs ran the company is behind them. Then they reported the largest quarterly profit ever for a publicly traded company ever. This changed the mindset of everyone. Mr. Cook of Apple Inc stated “We certainly believe there are legs to it” when he commented about the iPhone sales growth. Some figures that he stated include that fewer than 15 percent of older iPhone owners upgraded to the iPhone 6 or 6 plus. Along with the majority of the people who did switch were from the Android operating system. One of the major economic trends that Apple has to pay close attention to is the ever increase income inequality. This would impact Apple because the middle class is where they get the majority of their profits, not the top 1 percent of the world. This ever increasing income inequality will cause Apple and other competitors to continue to innovate different ways to make their items cheaper, so that the average person can afford their products. 22.9 percent of the world 's population holds only 13.7 percent…show more content…
The first one is the Chinese phone manufacturers who make cheap knock off version of the iPhone (Apple). Which cuts into Apple 's market shares worldwide. The other is a major US competitor Google 's Android operating system (Apple). They cut into Apple 's market share locally in the US.
Apple Inc has recently acquired LinX, a camera technology company based in Israel that focuses on multi-aperture camera sensors for 20 million dollars (Apple Acquisitions). This shows that Apple inc is trying to improve all of there products that have a camera. Allowing them to do something like they did with the iPhone 6 plus where they add new features to the product to charge more and make more money.
Another Apple acquisition is one of the biggest data analytics firm Acunu in 2013. They did this to improve one of their other products they produce the iCloud and iTunes. It is a database software company (Apple Acquisitions). This acquisition shows that apple is not only concerned about its main line products, but also their side products that come with the main line products that they

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