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Google and Apple. You know, the companies that teenagers adore, adults love, and children enjoy. Google is your best friend for homework, and their phone operating system, Android, has a plethora of apps, not to mention numerous OEM's. Apple is the company that creates high end, easy to learn products. They make you pay a premium for their products ($2,000 for a MacBook Pro, everyone!). Apple is one of the few companies that doesn't have to do anything to be cool, they just are cool. Lots of people think of Apple as the cool one, while Google is considered your best friend for homework. What about Microsoft?

You certainly know who they are, and you wish you didn't. Microsoft is the company that consumers rejoice when one of their products flop. Windows, their widely used computer operating system, was totally fucked up when Windows 8 was released, according to raging customers. Windows Phone 8 seems too simple and stumbles when it comes to apps. Bing, Microsoft's search engine, is no match for the mighty Google, or as I like to say, Scroogle. Internet Explorer is ignored by millions because of its slowness, causing agitation and hair pulling. Accidentally click that obnoxious blue "e" and you'll be at your computer for twenty minutes, waiting as it slowly loads. Xbox, Skype, and Office are considered the only decent products left, but even those are beginning to slip.

And then there's Microsoft themselves. After Bill Gates handed over CEO to Steve Ballmer, all hell broke loose as humans raged about him. During the first twenty years of Microsoft, they were considered an evil monopolistic empire, destroying all competitors that came their way. Back then, if you wanted word processing software, you used Office. Want a computer o...

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...ucial part in our everyday lives. Yes, students can choose a MacBook Pro or Air over a PC, even a Chrome Book, but for students looking for budget-friendly computers (trust me, there's thousands of them) I bet you that they will choose a Windows 8 or Windows 7 laptop.

Then there's work. You have to help your boss out by typing, printing, and copying over 6,000 crucial documents. Good luck typing, let alone printing, from your little iPhone or Android phone! As far as tablets go, it's a hassle to find printers compatible with them. Honestly, who can say, "The PC industry is over. It's all mobile from here on," when you can barely find compatible printers for iPads? When it comes to work, smartphones and tablets just don't have the features, or power, to handle tasks like these. Desktop and laptop computers do, and that's why they aren't fizzling away anytime soon.

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