My Writing Skills And Patience Have Been Tried Essay

My Writing Skills And Patience Have Been Tried Essay

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Throughout my journey in ENG-111, both my writing skills and patience have been tried. From having to relearn how to write an analytical thesis statement to being able to write a critique with ease, I would say that I have traveled many miles down the road of furthering the development of my writing skills. While taking this class, I have become a more skilled and confident writer by the exasperating challenge of having to relearn things that I thought I already knew.
Before taking ENG-111, due to already have taken Advanced Placement English classes, I believed that my writing skills were well-above average. Unfortunately, this belief did not hold for too long. After being assigned the first essay, in which we were instructed to write an analysis piece, I began to realize that I was not as competent as I originally thought.
As I sat down to work on the essay, in which I was to analyze Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume advertisement, the biggest struggle I had was dealing with creating an analytical thesis statement. Due to my previous experiences, I knew that the thesis stateme...

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