Thank You For Arguing Reflection

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The first day of my junior year I was extremely overwhelmed by this class; all the essays we were required to write in the first week didn't help much either. However, since the beginning of the year I have learned so many useful and important lessons which have guided my learning throughout this first semester and, I'm assuming, will continue to guide me for the rest of my high school experience and beyond. In addition, I have made many goals which pertain to essays I have written, and I believe I have met those goals. In the beginning of the year I was not a strong writer; the first three essays we wrote I consecutively received a 4,5--, and 3 on the AP scale. The main reason why I scored low on all of these essays is mainly due to the fact that I needed to use a deeper thought process as well as eliminate the use of any absolutes I was using. Rhetorical analysis is the place where I have excelled the most because I …show more content…

The book Thank You for Arguing has made a huge impact on how I argue not only in my essays, but in real life situations as well. I have enjoyed learning about the different fallacies or, as Heinrichs calls them, the “Seven deadly logical sins”, how to spot them, and where they are found the most. Although I have loved learning about rhetoric and fallacies, my favorite lesson by far has been the satire unit. I enjoy looking to see if someone's speech or essay is presented in satire form and how to differentiate between the speaker and author; I believe knowledge of satire to be an effective way of arguing and understanding other people's arguments. As much as i love learning satire, I always have trouble seeing if the passage is satire, and what the speaker is saying as opposed to the author. Rhetoric and satire can prove to be two crucial parts in arguing effectively and have both helped me immensely in shaping my

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