What Made Me Change My Attitude to English?

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Before taking English 1A, I was a discouraged writer because as an English learner, I did not believe that I had any ability to be an acceptable writer. Therefore, I did not have any joy while I was doing writing assignments. However, I have gradually loved writing through this semester. I fortunately got plenty of helps from my classmates and professor; thus, my writing skills have gotten improved a lot. I currently can feel that writing is a quite enjoyable process, and I like delivering my ideas to other people by writing, too. I am really proud that I have enhanced my pre-writing skills, writing structure and revising skills and have learned how to write an effective thesis statement and how to deal with rhetorical analysis. However, I still have lots of deficiencies in my articles, such as grammar problem and the lack of logical transition.
In the past, I used to start writing an essay without writing an outline. I even did not brainstorm before I began to write. As a result, my essays were undoubtedly messy and disorganized. For instance, after I finished writing my Paper 2, I asked my professor for suggestions. He advised me to rearrange the order of paragraphs since my essay was disorganized and disordered. At that moment, I finally realized that if I did not plan out what I was going to write, my essay would be less likely to be logical because outline is like a base and foundation of an article. Hence, I started writing an outline from then on. For example, I nowadays would like to write my thesis statement down first. After that, I will briefly write down what I will talk about in body paragraphs. After using pre-writing skills and techniques, I notice that my essays are much more organized; and thus, my essays are no...

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... essay looks so discontinuous. I realize that to make my article better, the transition between paragraphs are really important because it can give readers a sense of what I am talking about.
Through this semester, I believe that this is the best class I ever take, but on the other hand, this is the worst class I ever take. The reason why I believe this is the best class for me is because I have improved my writing skills a lot through English 1A. For example, I have improved my pre-writing skills so I can write much more easily when I really start writing. Furthermore, professor and students in this class are really nice, so I have gotten a lot of helps from them; their helps motivate me to keep enhancing and improving myself. However, this is the worst class for me because English 1A is the most challenging class for me since I still have many writing weakness.
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