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To those who are going to take English 112:
This year, I learned a lot in College Writing 112. This class is different from any other classes. You cannot learn to write by only going to class and listening to the lectures. It is something that you can only learn it by yourself; the professors can only guide you through the difficulties. The only way to improve writing is to practice. The more you write, the better you will become. Once you learn it, it will become part of you—you will never forget writing.
One thing that I learned from this course is to follow directions. In the first assignment, we were told to write a personal story of what shaped you as a whole. At first, I had a difficult time thinking of a topic to write about, but after viewing other students’ essays, I finally understand what the professor was asking for, and I came up with an idea of writing how I got my cats and wanted to become a veterinarian. Writing this type of essay was difficult because I am not good at expressing myself. Therefore, I always did a bad job in describing my feelings, my thoughts, and etc. Since English is my second language, I know I have a lot of mistakes with my writing. Thus, I went to the Writing Center to ask for professional help. The tutors are very nice and willing to give you academic advices. After going to the writing center, the essay turned out to be my favorite essay that I have even written. However, the assignment was not asking to tell the story, the main theme is to write what shaped you as a whole. As a result, I got a poor grade and realized that this college level course was not the same as a high school writing course. In high school, I was only satisfied in completing the essay and receiving an A. What really ...

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...lized that there were many mistakes that I needed to fix in order to perfect my writing. I need to consider more about focusing on the topic and organizing for my writing, because it appeals to the audience more clear to the point. Also, I feel that I am much better to convince my audience through my writings.
In general, I like this course because it taught me a lot of great things, such as how to revise the essay in order to make it better. My writing has improved a lot throughout this year, I learned how to organize my essay’s structure, using the transition sandwich to perfect my writing. In the future, I hope to continue developing all the skills that I learned in this English class, and I will continue to go to the Writing Center to ask for help to perfect my writing. However, it is the end of the year, but it does not mean that this is the end of my writing.
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