My Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Technical, Human And Conceptual Skills

My Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Technical, Human And Conceptual Skills

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After understanding the theory behind both the trait and skill approach, I was eager to evaluate and reflect on my own leadership traits. It was interesting to see how the trait approach allowed me to better understand whether or not I have certain traits considered to be important for leadership, while skills approach allowed me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses in the technical, human and conceptual skills. From completing the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ) and the Skills Inventory, I was able to reflect more on how I behave towards others in a leadership context, as well as the skills that I currently possess. As a naturally extroverted person, I have been taking on leadership roles from a young age. The findings from these two questionnaires highlighted my existing leadership characteristics, such as communication and friendliness, but it also gave me a better understanding of my weaknesses, such as sensitivity and perception.
It was interesting to see the scores from the different people I asked to fill out the questionnaire. I asked people who know have known me for most of my life, as well as people who I have recently become friends with. In the Leadership Trait Questionnaire, I scored highly (4-5 rating) as an articulate, trustworthy, friendly, outgoing, and diligent leader. In the skills inventory assessment, I scored highly in technical and conceptual skill but moderate in human skill.
Unsurprisingly, my highest average score in the Leadership Trait Questionnaire was the ‘outgoing’ characteristic, and I agree that being outgoing is one of my strongest traits. Other strengths include being self-confident, conscientious, diligent and determined. It was interesting to see my lower scores as ...

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...orking in upper management, I would be able to influence the highest amount of change, especially in terms of sustainable development.
In order to become a more effective leader, I need to focus on increasing my level of tolerance and being more secure with myself. After I graduate, I aspire to work in the tourism management sector so that I can improve destinations for the local citizens as well as visitors. I can leverage my ability to communicate effectively and inspire confidence in the people I interact with. As a leader in my current roles, it is difficult to imagine how much of an influence I can have, especially in achieving goals like sustainability. However, I believe sustainability as a common goal can be simplified by being mindful of day-to-day choices, whether it is purchasing a fair trade supplier at work, or remembering to water at home.

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