Essay on My Leadership Abilities On A Day

Essay on My Leadership Abilities On A Day

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1, what is your issue/challenge?
My challenge is going to be to control my emotions and how I allow them to influence my leadership abilities on a day to day basis. By recognising how I react in certain situations, and how this in turn impacts those I lead I believe this is the most key change I can make personally that will improve my leadership abilities. It is my belief my default routine of mentally shutting down is linked to this.
2, how did this come to your attention?
I feel I have always known this on some level. The deeper understanding of self from working through diaries A and B, along with the reflective nature of this unit. Resulted in me realising just how much power my emotions hold. Along with why tempering them will be an important factor in both my professional and personal life going forward. In reviewing and dissecting the critical incidents I chose in this unit. I feel I have been able to better understand the link between my default routine and how my emotions lead me to this result.
I do not want to eliminate my passion, I feel this is a key driver in how I ha...

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