Leadership Definition Of A Leader Essay

Leadership Definition Of A Leader Essay

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Leadership Definition:
Leader is person who leads the people towards the goal the by its meaning is one who goes first and leads the team towards the objectives of the goal. Leadership comes from listening to the people and that will be the important point for a person who wants to be a leader. To be a leader he must have a deep commitment towards the goal and always motivate the people to achieve it.
Characteristics of a Leader
Consistent: leader should be consistent in applying his plans towards achieving the goal but not deviating from the goals by failures occurred. This makes difference from a good leader to bad leader. Consistency Keep pioneers in a learning mode, continually staying skilled and open to change and exhibits responsibility to individuals ' prosperity and prosperity and constructs trust, which empowers representatives to accomplish more and make the most of their work more.
Well knowledge: leader should have a clear idea about what is planning to do like procedures, organizational norms, policies etc this helps to work more efficiently and heading others in the group.
Interested in feedback: feedback is very important to improve the leader should be encouraging to give feedback one him so that he can correct himself accordingly for the better purposes to achieve the goals.
Open to Change: A leader will consider all viewpoints and will to change a system, program, social custom that is out-dated or not any more profitable to the get-together with everything taken into account.
Initiative: A leader should be in the front to take any initiative to start a new process. A leader should work to be the partner, an initiator. leader must be a key segment in the masterminding and realizing of new contemplation 's, proje...

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...oral theories of power don 't search for normal qualities or limits. Perhaps, they look at what pioneers truly do. Successful organization is arranged in noticeable, learnable behavior(Changing Minds).
Participative Theory:A Participative Leader, rather than taking absolutist decisions, hopes to incorporate different people at the same time, maybe including subordinates, partners, managers and diverse accomplices. Much of the time, in any case, as it is within the bosses ' motivation to give or deny control to his or her subordinates, most make an interest move is within the brisk gathering. Exactly when people settle on decisions together, the social obligation to one another is more imperative and along these lines assembles their commitment to the decision. A couple of people picking together settle on best decisions more than one individual alone(Changing Minds).

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