Essay on The Importance Of Team Sports

Essay on The Importance Of Team Sports

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Team Sports
According to Statics Canada over 55 percent of children under 16 years of age, play team sports. Well the other remaining percentage is either participating in solo sports or not doing any organized physical activity . In my opinion every child under the age of 16 should be apart of team sports for the following reasons; Team sports build character, Team sports teach children many group social skills, and lastly it a way to get children out of the house and being active with others. Those reasons are why I believe team sports are a important in the development of young adults in the making.

Team sports are proven to build character in young ones in the following categories, working with others, leadership, relationships and friendships and many more. A good sense of working with others is built though team sports because when playing a team activity it shows the act of discipline; a daily part of society, with this occupying it helps children learn and understand the benefits of helping and encouraging other who are working towards similar goals. Leadership is anther common piece of character that is built in team sports. Team sports provide the environment for young adults to have the privilege to have a place to compete with peers and role models and the learn from those situations, also caption-ship positions could be awarded to those and give them an actual chance as leading. Being a child involved in team sports could also build relationships and friendships with not only other children and peers but adults too. By having many people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and communities all doing the same activity, loosely forces friendships and relationships that may not have formed with ou...

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...d have a good time, in team sports young adults in the making are encouraged to enjoy the sport with many other children and to have fun.

All in all children deserve to have a opportunity to be apart of team activity's that will help them develop as a person, teams sports builds character such as, leadership, working with others and teach them how to have proper friendships and relationships with fellow adults, coaches and peers. Also with involving your children in team sports you are giving them the chance to improve there social skills during the games, practices, team get together. Finally why not let your child have fun with a group of kids around the same age with similar physical fitness levels. These are the reasons on why I believe every child under the age of 16 should be involved in teams sports and lets be real who doesn't want to be a soccer mom?

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