Persuasive Essay On Student Athletes

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He sprints up and down the court, as sweat pours down his face and on to the hardwood. The player’s legs are in severe pain, and he is out of breath, yet he continues to run, utilizing every last portion of energy that he maintains. He desires to better himself, not necessarily for his own benefit, but for the benefit of his team. He knows that every single member of the team, including himself, must work as hard as they possibly can on the court to reach their potential and achieve success. Organized sports teach athletes some of the most powerful moral values and life lessons that any individual can attain. Despite the opposing opinion that students who take part in organized sports suffer academically due to time deprivation and focus misdirected away from the classroom, involvement in sports teaches young men and women to maintain imperative values, such as hard work, selflessness, and commitment, which ultimately improves student-athletes’ academic performance. Student-athletes’ involvement in…show more content…
Student participation in school sports is a privilege that must be earned. Most school athletic programs require student-athletes to perform well academically in order to participate in school sports. According to Steve Silverman, award-winning sports writer who has been placed in the Pro Football Writers of America awards three times, student-athletes are typically required to maintain a specific grade point average in order to be eligible to play. If students want to participate in school sports, they have to earn that privilege by performing well in the classroom. Students learn to draw their attention to the subject matter by focusing on doing well academically, which allows them to learn more than if they did not have such motivation and helps them to get the most out of time spent in class. Sports also provide student-athletes with the opportunity