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Confucius once said, "he who does not do well is less guilty than he who pushes too hard." People found that competitive sports are often physically straining and it is detrimental to proper emotional development. This blows away the misconception that competitive sports create a healthy and engaging atmosphere for kids. This and an overly strong obsession with winning create a toxic mix for the child’s wellbeing. People have begun to realize the world of competitive may be doing more harm than good for their children. Parents have also begun to notice that competitive sports often injure their children severely and also make the child feel left out, which in turn is detrimental to the child 's emotional health. Therefore, competitive sports…show more content…
They also believe emotional drawbacks of competitive sports are often overly exaggerated. These statements are not true and are in fact a blatant lie. Jeff Pearlman, a Wall Street Journal contributor and a sports writer, believes that parents and coaches alike are often prejudiced against many weaker and less agile members of the team. Therefore, it is very common to see coaches put out weaker teammates for as little time as possible, if not at all. Since this occurs, this subtracts away from the child 's emotional physical involvement as an athlete. Being involved in such prejudice can often makes children sedentary and feel uninvolved and as nothing but a name on a printed roster (Pearlman 1). With this in mind, being on a sports team can abate from a child 's physical and emotional development, thus proving competitive sports supporters wrong. With this prejudiced system, many children get little to no exercise. In addition, many people firmly also believe that amount of injuries children experience while playing competitive sports is not at all exaggerated and is actually caused by the competition element of competitive sports (Stenson 4). This clearly exhibits the hostile nature of competitive sports. Children are overly motivated by a desire to win, which can in fact cause, to a certain degree, a hostile attitude towards the opposing players. With this mutual malice on the field, injuries and deaths are expected. Competitive sports naturally allow the competitor to become more skewed towards a hunger for recognition and prestige. Many children engage in competitive sports solely for the euphoria that is associated with victory. However, with the many victories and losses of a season, a child 's self esteem can fluctuate drastically. With both pressure
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