School Sports Persuasive Essay

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Some schools force students to participate in organized school sports. However, I believe that schools should not make this a requirement. Some students may have medical conditions, family situations that don't allow them to participate in organized school sports, or they simply may not have the time.

Some students may suffer from medical conditions that hinder their ability to play school sports. Asthma is a common breathing problem that can be triggered by physical activity. Although, asthma can be controlled with an inhaler, it does not work one hundred percent of the time, and could possibly lead to death if the inhaler should fail. Carpal tunnel syndrome, is a syndrome that affects the joints of some people. Although rare in high school
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In many families, both parents have day jobs, leaving the student with nor ride to or from practices and games. In addition to both parents having jobs, sometimes neither parent has a job, therefore they cannot afford a car or gas to constantly run the student to and from practice. Many families also have get togethers throughout the year to celebrate various things, leaving the student the difficult decision to choose between sports and family.

Todays students are busier than they have ever been in American history. Homework is a large contributor to this. The average student in America has approximately four hours of homework each night. If students start homework right when they get home from school, that gives them free time starting at 7:00 PM. The majority of students also have jobs. So. between school, work, homework, and practice, that leaves them virtually no time to be able to hang out with friends or to participate in family activities.

I believe schools should not force students to participate in organized sports. Medical conditions, such as asthma, prevent students from being able to participate. Family situations may leave the student with no ride to or from practice. Students may not have time to be able to
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