Essay about The Importance of Teacher Feedback in The Educational Environment

Essay about The Importance of Teacher Feedback in The Educational Environment

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I. Importance of Feedback

Feedback should be communicated in language that is understandable for the learner, have a genuine purpose, and be significant for the individual needs of each student. Through feedback, teachers can provide the students with suggestions for development, learning strategies, and corrections for errors.

The importance of constructive feedback allows for many positive opportunities. One important element is that feedback provides a foundation for positive student and teacher relationships. By providing appropriate feedback, the students understand the teacher is genuinely concerned about them and their education. This component also enhances a student’s self-efficacy and provides an avenue for motivation.

Another benefit is feedback affords an opportunity for clarification of what is expected. Student performance and achievement increases as they are able to understand the expectations for the specified task or project. This process also helps alleviate frustrations one may feel when unsure of the criteria for quality performance. Feedback also helps students identify strengths and weaknesses in various content arenas. Effective feedback from the teacher assists in student identification of the level of which they are performing as compared to the desired goal.

One of the most beneficial aspects of feedback is the information the teacher acquires. Through effective feedback, teachers can determine the learning preference of individual students, the strengths and weaknesses in a given area, and information to help guide instruction. Students will experience more achievement as teachers use feedback to help direct their instructional practice.

II. Forms of Effective Feedback

1. Exemplars ar...

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...all group projects and learning activities into our daily practice. Some of the students require more descriptive and corrective feedback to meet their needs during individual and group projects. Those who are performing on grade level may receive more evaluative or improvement-oriented feedback. The higher achieving students may engage in the process of peer feedback to obtain ideas and suggestions.

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