Should Students Grade Their Teachers?

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As a student you are evaluated everyday, but have you ever desired to be the one doing the grading? This is a thought provoking idea. Teachers grade students on almost everything these days; including participation and behavior. So wouldn’t it be nice to return the favor? Although it may sound like a great idea, it could also be a very bad one. If students were able to grade their teachers it could provide proper and thorough evaluation; help teachers to improve on what they may be lacking, and help parents understand what is going on in the classroom; but at the same time it could prove to be harmful to the student and a good teacher’s career if not implemented correctly. This is why it’s important to recognize the possible positive impacts, the negative impacts, and the current programs that are in place, and their impacts.

It is a teacher’s responsibility to properly prepare and educate their students. In some cases this can prove to be difficult for an educator. As a student, you may find that your teacher may not be giving you enough attention or specific one-on-one time. This is where student grading could come in handy. Many educators might fear negative feedback because they often do the best that they can with the abundance of responsibilities they already have; but others strongly believe that teachers shouldn’t be above criticism, and should ask their students for this constructive feedback on their performance. This could help improve the nation’s educational system if conducted properly. It would also help the students and the teachers to sort out their true priorities in the classroom. According to an article written by Atanu Kashyap Adhikari, he agrees and claims “They will now be concerned more about the comprehe...

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...l point of view it doesn’t seem like the concept is too difficult or dangerous to implement into schools, but as of right now students and faculty are comfortable with the current system that takes place online and anonymously.

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