Goals of a Future Teacher

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Goals of a Future Teacher

In today's constantly changing world, our children and youth need to learn inquiry-based, problem solving skills to that they may become successful members of society and live productive lives.

I think all students yearn to learn. We as future teachers need to motivate students with learning, exploring, investigating, discovering and inquiring. Together you will be learning and teaching.

As teachers, you need to be very organized and creative. Time is very valuable. When students are able to use creativity it enhances them and helps them in their learning process. Our children are natural and curious explorers.

Students need to be inspired to think critically. By this they comprehend what has been learned and be able to use it. I hope my students will be able to achieve their greatest potential that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. We can give our children these building blocks thru education to use in decision making situations, moral value of their thoughts and actions. This will guide them to realize how their actions and decisions will affect themselves and others.

Discipline plays a key part in education. Respect from your students will make the classroom a better atmosphere. Rules should be established on the first day. Rules should be a thoughtful process so they can be carried out to be affective, but logical consequences. We do not want the students self esteem to be damaged.

I would like to teach K-3. I believe that these years of education is very crucial for learning and developing their skills. Inquiry-based learning will only enhance these curious students to explore, share ideas and ask questions. Our role as a teacher will help identify needed resources and monitor, guide the students inquiry. Children learn by doing.

We need to continuously assess and evaluate our students so we can set appropriate goals for each student and individual instructions. Each child learns different, so as a teacher we need to have different styles of teaching for positive reinforcement.

I want to be a role model for my students.
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