Use Questioning And Feedback To Contribute To The Assessment Process

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I always help students identifying their learning and progress and give them feedback. Students need to be aware of their achievement and progress. I adapt practice and plan further learning, this will make the assessment meaningful and effective as it will answer to the learner needs. 6.3 Use types and methods of assessment, including peer and self-assessment, to: - Involve learners in assessment - Meet the individual needs of learners - Enable learner's to produce assessment evidence that valid. Reliable. Sufficient and current and - Meet internal and external assessment requirement Involve learners in assessment : peer and self-assessment represent an interesting way to involve students in the assessment process as students assess each …show more content…

Usually students don't like when I give them feedback because it is a critical aspect of their learning. But the purpose of questioning and feedback is to enhance and strengthen students learning. I usually give feedback after the assessment, it provides information about students knowledge in regard to the assessment. The questioning and feedback will give direction to students on how they accomplish the assessment, what was their strengths and weaknesses and what need to be done in order to have better results. This contribute to the assessment because this information can be use to improve and enhance future performance. 6.5 Record the outcomes of assessments to meet the internal and external requirements In my teaching practices, I always record assessments outcomes as it helps me to follow my students progression and at the same time I can monitor learners' achievement. All information concerning their assessments are recorded, I use them to compare each assessments to the other. I can see which assessment was successful and which assessment has not been done properly. I also identify what are my learners strengths and weaknesses by using assessments

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