Lesson Reflection Essay

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• At the end of the day or beginning of the school day, I communicated what I did with Ms. P to plan out better activities or lesson plans to meet each individual’s needs.

• Assessing student understanding is important but as a teacher you need to provide feedbacks to the students. During my lesson, I allowed the student to ask questions and tried to answer each individual’s answer right away. Since my students are not able to read or write I had to provide feedbacks by verbally.

My strengths are the ability to interaction with students. I will try to use my time to build positive relationship with individuals and keep record of their behaviors, characteristics and specific concerns. This will allow the students to trust me and allow me
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I will try to prepare my lesson 100% to enhance learning. I will try to research my topic and try to integrate different resources and activities to make my lesson engaging and interesting to my students. I am able to use a variety of methods to teach a lesson to the students. This helps the students to get engaged visually, physically and verbally. I did not know, but I really like to use different resources and art materials to create something that will enhance my lesson and able to engage my students throughout the lesson. By creating and using a variety of methods and activities during the center time, I can meet the student’s needs to help them to learn. One of the areas that I am working on still is establishing in-charge authoritative presence in the classroom. I have a soft voice and it is limiting me to have the full charge and control of the classroom. I need to practice to have a strong voice and keep practice authoritative presences in the classroom. Also, I need to practice to use my voice in a different ways when I read or teach younger students. I need to practice my animating voice or tone by reading books to my Sunday school…show more content…
The teacher will also make norm-referenced and criterion referenced interpretations of assessment through this website. They have graph and color-coded bands that show widely held expectations for children’s development and learning. The teacher will use this website and graph to communicate twice a year with the parents about the child’s strength, weakness or any area of
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