The Importance Of Quality Education For All Institutions Essay

The Importance Of Quality Education For All Institutions Essay

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The importance of quality education for all institutions is an undervalued commodity that can result in positive effects. The organization that continues to provide the quality of education will result in long-term positive results for all parties involved (Tanase & Velica, 2015, p. 53). This concept benefits a multitude of individuals that include internal and external parties within the organization (p. 53). The benefits to the organization include internally as students and external such as the community and society (p. 53). The concept of this quality management is that education is regarded as a service vice a product (p. 53).
There is a distinction in product and services that services directly affect the final users (p. 53). The products from a business are provided from a variety of parties that differs from the concept of services (p. 53). This directly correlates to the educational institution is not separate from the teachers of the organizations (p. 53). The perception of the students experience in an educational institution directly relates to the instruction by the instruction (p. 53). The positive or negative experience from an organization derives on the conduct of the instructors (p. 53).
The appropriate conduct by the staff of the organization can affect the organization in a positive or negative manner (p. 53). The result of behavior that is inappropriate with students by teachers can provide a perception of an unsatisfactory service (p. 54). The management in the educational organization should monitor close attention to the teachers training (p. 54). The different levels of leadership within the school, to include students, are the foundation for the atmosphere that will influence the organization...

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...ment, instructors, and students to work to their best ability. This will ultimately provide a better trained student that is ready for the challenge at their first duty station.
The success and failure of an organization will guide the mission of an organization. The purpose of contemporary management techniques is the ability to empower management to fully realize potential of the resources to increase the overall profits of an organization (Hicks, 2010, p. 2). The key is the ability for management to select the correct attributes to ensure the longevity of success for the organizations (p. 2). The contemporary management technique of total quality management within an educational organization, such as Ground Supply School, will benefit the organization, instructors, students, and customers that are that manager in the units in the fleet Marine force.

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