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Importance Of Nursing Theory Essay

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Nursing Process Theory in the Executive Role
Nursing theory has been the basis of nursing since Florence Nightingale. Theorist have made the science of nursing what it is today by years of research. Theory has laid the base and frame work for the nursing practice. Alejandron (2017) states that a demand for excellence influences Magnet recognized hospitals to use nursing theories to achieve positive patient outcomes. In this paper the nursing process discipline theory will be discussed along with the importance of this theory to nursing. The identification of the nursing process theory and the importance of this theory will be discussed. Then a summary of the key concepts related to the nursing process discipline theory will be discussed and how it applies to the executive role in the nursing profession. A conclusion of all information to tie all concepts together will conclude the end of this paper.
Importance of nursing theory
Theory in nursing provides nurses with the basis of nursing. Nursing theory is what made nursing the profession that it is today. Theory is what guides nurses and separates them from physicians and other professions. The study of theory is very important to incorporate into the study of nursing. It gives the nurse the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to improve quality and safety of our patients (Yancey, 2015). For nursing to advance in its profession it requires increasing the knowledge of what theories have already developed. Not incorporating theory into the study of nursing the science of nursing could be lost and unique contributions to nursing would be hindered (Yancey, 2015). Yancey (2015) also states that master’s and advanced practice students preparing to move into advanced leadership r...

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...rlando is the basis in the nursing profession. It is how the nurse communicates with their patients and families. The executive can use the nursing process theory to help improve the communication between them and the nurse and nurse and patient by using the key concepts of this theory.
From doing this assignment I learned how the theories in nursing are incorporated in the executive or leadership role. I knew that theory played a major part in the nursing profession itself and that theory was the basis of nursing and is how nursing became the profession it is today. I never stopped to think that it was also used and reflected in the leadership or executive role. Leadership uses the theories to improve the knowledge of the nurses that care for the patient. Leaders need to understand how the theories effect the thinking of nurses and how it effects the patients.

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